What to Bring

CAMP TRiP is a camping festival & it's recommended to bring certain items to ensure you have a good time. Items such as sunscreen, bug spray, lip balm, hats, sun glasses, extra shade, reusable water bottles, camping chairs & ear plugs are all recommended. Water will be provided to attendees who bring a reusable water bottle. If you do not bring a reusable bottle, you need to bring your own water (enough for 3 days). Although food will be sold, it's allowed & encouraged to bring & cook your own food. If you have any questions about what to bring, send us a message using the >>contact form<< of this website.

Leave No Trace

You have a responsibility to clean up before you leave. Do a thorough inspection of your site to make sure that you haven’t forgotten to pick up anything. Pack out all rubbish and kitchen waste, including leftover food. This means that any waste you create you must take with you. Although we provide trashcans throughout the grounds, these trashcans are for small items on the go. We are NOT responsible for any extra waste created at your campsite or elsewhere. Dumping excess trash by the trashcans is strictly prohibited. Any attendees caught dumping their trash will be asked to take the trash back to their camp site. Even though food is biodegradable, it impacts the wildlife and vegetation of the natural area. If you see litter that isn’t yours, pick it up and pack it out anyway. Be a good samaritan.

General Camping

All general camping attendees will be directed to the general camping area where they will be free to choose a spot. Parking your vehicle near your camp site is allowed. Please do not camp on roads or anywhere that is forbidden by the CAMP TRiP staff. Come prepared with shelter and your camping supplies. Admission to the festival is included with the purchase of a General Camping pass.

Teepee Camping

Guests who booked a Teepee will be assigned a specific Teepee at the entry gate. Please do not try & use a different Teepee than the one assigned to you. CAMP TRiP staff will direct you on where to park your vehicle. Admission to the festival is included with the purchase of a Teepee including up to 4 people. Teepees come equipped with a 4 person bunk bed & mattresses.

Hotel Rooms

If you booked a Hotel Room, your room will be assigned at the entry gate by CAMP TRiP staff. You will also be directed where to park at the entry gate. Please do not try and fit more people than is allowed for your hotel room. Hotel Room capacities are listed at the point of purchase. Admission to the festival is included with the purchase of a Hotel Room. Unfortunately there are no coffee makers, microwaves or refrigerators included with the rooms. Be respectful of the hotel rooms and leave them in good condition.